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The key to a successfully modified late-model vehicle is tuning; the critical phase at the end of a project that makes it all come together. Whether a street car, or race car, there is almost no power or drivetrain enhancement that does not require tuning. Every function of the vehicle’s calibration needs to be observed and optimized to ensure positive reliable results, as well as making sure the vehicle is operating within its mechanical limits. Because of the complexity, experience and responsibility involved, selecting a properly qualified tuner may be the most important decision of your build. Please read below to see how our qualifications and experience can help you.

Our Experience

New Era Performance has over 15 years of experience tuning various late-model EFI applications. With customers across the globe, we tune an average of 3 or more vehicles per day, both remotely and locally. As a result, we remain proficient and highly experienced, while improving techniques with every new scenario.

We stay ahead of the curve on new technology. Virtually every performance platform released by GM is acquired as a test vehicle for learning, testing and development purposes. This means we learn new technology’s limitations and strengths on our vehicles… not yours. Whether you need more power, a cleaner curve or a quicker shift, we understand what is happening beyond the laptop... If there is something on the table, New Era Performance is where you will find it.


While we specialize almost exclusively in late-model GM, our tuning capabilities and experience extends to late-model HEMI in some situations. We offer tuning on these platforms through the use of the following software and operating systems:

  • HP Tuners
  • EFI Live
  • Chipmaster Revolution (HEMI applications)
  • Holley EFI (certified tuner)
Tuning Options

We offer a variety of methods for tuning your vehicle, which may depend on your location.

In-House Dyno Tuning

Our facility in Victor, NY is equipped with a DynoJet 224x dynamometer that will likely be used for data acquisition on most tunes scheduled locally. Our dyno can measure wheel speeds of up to 200mph and can record up to 2,000 horsepower measured at the tires. If you receive a dyno tune, you will receive a print-out displaying your recorded horsepower and torque which will be plotted out on a graph. To find out if a dyno tune is the correct method for your application, please contact us.

Remote Tuning

We do offer a “remote tuning” service also known as “e-mail tuning”. In this case, the customer is responsible for providing us with vehicle data logs and uploading tune files. This requires that the customer purchase specific equipment if they don’t have access to it. All tune file exchanges occur via e-mail. For more information on remote tuning and our remote tuning equipment package, click HERE.

Track Tuning

Track support may be required or preferred for certain racing configurations. Our tuner can make on-track calibration adjustments to optimize your ET or Lap time. This helps to account for real-time track conditions, environmental changes, or vehicle conditions that can otherwise not be simulated. Track support and tuning availability is limited and should be scheduled far in advance. Travel expenses and/or hourly fees may apply.

Travel (on-site)

Our tuner travels all over the world regularly to meet the tuning needs of our customers. In some cases, vehicle complexity requires an in-person experience to net the proper results. This is generally reserved for events, groups, or any situation where multiple vehicles are prepared. If you have questions regarding this, please call the shop. Travel expenses may apply as well as increased tuning rates.

With any questions regarding tuning your vehicle, contact attn. Mike or call 585-865-1832

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